Tweet to Family & Friends

Copy and paste the tweets:

Our Ss are depending on us. Let's empower them to live active, healthy lives! Ask Congress for #MoreTitleIV! #ESSA

#MoreTitleIV funds can help my #HPE prog thrive so I can empower kids to lead active, healthy lives. Advocate w/me!

$1.65 billion in ESSA funding under Title IV, Part A is at risk of being cut! Tell #Congress, we need #MoreTitleIV!

Well-rounded edu includes health + #physed, let's ensure these programs get the funding they deserve! #MoreTitleIV

At @SHAPE_America’s 10th annual #SPEAKOutDay to advocate for #MoreTitleIV #ESSA funding. Join me in supporting #HPE!

Tweet Directly to Your Congressional Representatives

(fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Give schools the funding access they need to provide a well-rounded education! #MoreTitleIV please!

(fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Let’s not make school districts have to choose to support one program over another. Support #MoreTitleIV

(fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Kids need to have opport to lead active, healthy lives. It starts w effective #HPE in schools. Support #MoreTitleIV

(fill in your lawmaker’s handle) Thank you for meeting with me today + hearing my story of how #HPE directly impact students. Pls continue to support #MoreTitleIV

(fill in your lawmaker’s handle) PE + health = student success! Check out the benefits! #MoreTitleIV

Jump Rope or Hoops for Heart!

Why should you sign up for Jump Rope for Heart or Hoops for Heart? Click here to find out about the benefits of the program! 





1. Decide who to invite

We recommend you invite the State Senator, State Representative or Member of Congress that represents your area.  You may find your State Senator, State Representative or Member of Congress on this link CLICK HERE. Enter in your school address on the General Voter Information Tab. 

2. Determine the role of yourself, administration and the students.

At a minimum you should work with your administration on the details of the visit. The administration can play a large role, especially if you believe it will help get the RI PE and Health messege across. 

3. Decide the timing and content of the visit. 

Our focus of the visit is strength and quality of a PE and Health program. Possibly choose a time that you will be able to connect with the official before or after the class to answer or ask questions. You have the ability to discuss with them what you need to implement an effective PE and Health program. You can also discuss how there is little or no help from RIDE in enforcing the state mandate as we do not have a PE and Health Curriculum director or support specialist at RIDE.

4. Invite and then confirm. 

To invite an elected official, send an email invitation and follow up with a phone call.  RIAHPERD has created a template for you to fill in and send. For the template, please email Pam Storme.  It is very important you remain in contact with the elected official as you continue to plan. RIAHPERD would love to know the date that an official will be coming out. We will be sharing dates with the RIHSC and the AHA to support you and your efforts. 

5. Take a picture

You could arrange for a picture with the official with the “I support RI PE” sign. (RIAHPERD has created this for you as well.) Send the picture to for you FREE T-shirt! Tweet it out with #PE4RI and tag the official and @RIAHPERD!

6. Notes
Jot down any discussion on issue or legislation. It will be beneficial to RIAHPERD and our relationship organizations as we continue to lobby. 

7. Don’t forget to say “thank you”
It is important for the long term relationship with the legislator that you send a thank you note for their time.  We suggest you include with the thank you note copies of any news articles, pictures or RIAHPERD newsletters that highlighted the visit. 

2016 American Heart Association Get Healthy Poster Contest!

Calling all Grades K-5 teachers:

Get involved in the 2016 AHA Get Healthy Poster contest. Students in grades K-5 are encouraged to submit a poster that highlights their favorite physical activity and favorite healthy food. Students can also illustrate how physical activity and healthy eating helps build healthy hearts, healthy families and healthy communities! 

Click here for more information!


SHAPE America Advocacy

The SHAPE America Board of Directors made it a priority to support our advocacy efforts this fiscal year by voting to fund state legislative action centers for all 50 states, that will be similar to the federal legislative action center that we use as a national organization: The state legislative action centers can be used to create action alerts for state policy and legislation, track state bills/policy, locate state representatives, and to create LTE and op-ed campaigns to reach out to local media.