RIAHPERD Executive Board

PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.ric.edu/healthPhysicalEducation/faculty_Details.php?id=10198

PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.ric.edu/healthPhysicalEducation/faculty_Details.php?id=10198

Cathy Moffit, ED.D 

Dr. Cathy Moffitt is an Elementary School Teacher for CHARIHO public schools. who also instructs at URI in the Health and Physical Education Department.

As RIAHPERDs Executive Director, Cathy has been instrumental in implementing/moving programs in the state of RI that promote Health and Physical Education.

Pam Storme 

Pam teaches Elementary Physical Education at Melville Elementary School in Portsmouth, RI.  She is a Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator and last year Pam received the 3rd place RI Award for fundraising, as well as 1st place online fundraising for the state!

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Kristen Coutoulakis 

Kristen Coutoulakis is a Health & Physical Education teacher at East Providence High School where she serves as Department Head.  She started working as a Health and PE teacher in Ohio back in the early 1990’s; and is a proud Xavier University grad. While working in education, Kristen (affectionately known to many as “Coutie”) has coached high school field hockey and basketball, college basketball and college volleyball.  
During her free time, Kristen enjoys traveling and can never be found at home during the summer.  Outdoor activities are also something Kristen enjoys and some of her favorites include tennis, kayaking, volleyball, and biking, and sometimes softball.  When the weather is not good for outside activities, she likes spending time with her family, reading, watching movies, and teaching fitness classes. 

Kristen loves to engage with fellow professionals in RIAHPERD and especially advocating for Health and PE; offices held include two terms as President and 3 years on the council for conventions. 


Risha Pellegrino 

Risha Pellegrino is a Physical Education and Health Teacher at Portsmouth High School.  Before PHS, she taught Adapted Physical Education and Health at a school for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related disorders. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island where she played rugby for three years.  While at URI, she was an Eastern District Outstanding Future Professional and also had the opportunity to present at the 2013 National Convention with her professor and peers.  

This is Risha's 3rd year serving on the RIAHPERD executive board.  

Kelly Gordon   

Kelly has been teaching for 34 years and is currently employed as a health and physical educator at Chariho Middle School.  She received her B.S from the University of Rhode Island in 1980 and received her M.S in 1996 from the same institution.

In her spare time she serves on the sports management team and is an alpine skiing coach for Special Olympics RI and enjoys participating in yoga.  

RIAHPERD board Secretary since 2013.


N. Gabriella Dadamio-Harrington 

Gabriella is a Physical education and health teacher in Chariho High School and Chariho Middle School.  She has been teaching at Chariho since 1996.  Gabriella received her BS for PE, Health, and Adapted PE from the University of Rhode Island in 1993, and she received her MS from the same institution in 2003.  

In addition to the RIAHPERD board,  Gabriella is retired military officer and is on the executive board for a local library. She is also the Unified Volleyball Coach for CHS.

Brian Kemper

Linda Grossi 


Linda M. Grossi is a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Gilbert Stuart Middle School in Providence Rhode Island. She has been a HPE teacher in the Providence Public Schools since 2000. Linda coaches the GSMS Jump Rope and Speed Stacking Teams, as well as being the Advisor for the GSMS Lady Dragons. She has her BS in Health & Physical Education and M. Ed., both from Rhode Island College. Linda has been a member of RIAHPERD since 1991. She has served on the Eastern District Association Board as VP of Health and the SHAPE ED DLC as a Member-at-Large.” Linda has received the Eastern District Association “Outstanding Professional Award” (2014) and SHAPE ED “L.W. Huber Award” (2017).

RIAHPERD Executive Board Treasurer since 2004.

Donna Tringali -- American Heart Associasion